It’s been far too long since I’ve put pen to paper, but I’ve been feeling the itch lately, and it’s time to scratch it.

First and foremost, moving to Mexico is still the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’d be lying if I said I missed my old life. The opportunities I’ve had, and continue to have, astound me almost daily. Since I’ve been living across the border (you know, in the land of rapists and murderers), I’ve been part of a nude photo series, the star of a lingerie video short by Gianluca Fellini, a sexy server for La Pocha Nostra, personal assistant to a former opera singer turned club owner (the unmatchable Lady Zen), an organizer for a Christmas charity auction, a freaking business owner!, and a myriad of other events.

I’ve learned my native language more than I’ve ever thought I could, and although I’m nowhere near fluent, I am so proud of myself for the progress I’ve made and continue to make. My boss even refers to me as his “bilingual employee” and I beam with pride every time I hear him say it. In just the last few weeks I’ve been noticing my progress after feeling like I hit a plateau.

And the world travel I’ve been able to accomplish – don’t get me started!! (But yes, I will write about it soon.)

At this moment, I’m on a plane, sipping on some cheap white wine, on my way to my next adventure, and you’ll never guess where I’m going – Idaho. That’s right, I’m going back from whence I came, but only temporarily. To me, it’s an adventure because I do not want to be going back, for a number of reasons.

  • I don’t want to say goodbye to my friend.
  • I don’t want to be in the US for this long (1 ½ months).
  • I don’t want to be gone from Isadorah (my bloodhound).
  • I don’t want to leave my shop.
  • I don’t want to leave the house I just painstakingly organized and cleaned for the first time in the history that I’ve lived there.
  • I don’t want to spend the money to go back there.

But guess what? This is life. And life doesn’t always give a shit about what you want and don’t want. I learned that yesterday when it felt like everything was against me. (Well, I mean, I’ve learned that many times over as we all have, but you know, I want the drama factor here.)

Let me backtrack for just a moment, if you will.

Recently an amazingly brilliant friend decided she wanted to “go with the flow” in her life rather than try to control everything. Commendable to be sure, but how does one who lives by their calendar accomplish such a feat? By doing it. In the moment she made this decision, so many little annoyances occurred, and she was given the option to be upset by these annoyances, or take a breath and go with it. In her infinite wisdom and overall personality, she rode that crazy train until things went smoothly for her. I wasn’t surprised because she’s incredible, to begin with, but I was definitely inspired.

In the last year (more or less, I don’t fucking know) I feel as though I haven’t been as “go with the flow” as I used to be, and as I’d like to be. I can’t pinpoint when or why it happened, but I know it has happened. I also know myself and know that I can get back to that. I know my mentality. I know my family’s mental history. I know that I’m prone to extreme ups and downs, and I really do strive to control these emotions. But. It. Is. Fucking. HARD.

The build-up to this trip has been… how can I put this… well, I’ve been fighting it. I’ve been fighting it tooth and nail, in my own brain, and that’s been creating this wall of resistance to my everyday life. I don’t think I realized how powerfully it was affecting me until all these inconsequential little things started happening all day, erryday.

First of all, let me set the stage. I felt motivated to get my home cleaned up so my friends could stay there comfortably while watching my fur-child. I spent time scheduling plumbers, electricians, mechanics, clients, hair cutters extraordinaire, in the last 3 weeks hoping to have it all done before I left my home. I felt responsible, organized, confident, and ready to leave, albeit against my will. (Keep in mind folks, ultimately this was my idea!!) And then, and then yesterday happened. I locked the keys in the house. No worries, homeboy has another set that I can grab. Then every single thing I had scheduled got pushed back, moved around, canceled, forgotten, and then – AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH! FUCK THIS!

Yeah, I kinda lost it. I’ll be honest, I even punched a door and that’s some 16-year-old Barbara bullshit. I’m not proud of my behavior, nor am I ashamed. I reached out to people, individually, as well as on this 8th wonder-of-the-world we call social media, and asked for a little support. As usual, I got it in spades. I was able to take a breath, take stock of my surroundings, remember that it wasn’t the end of the world, and then let it all go.

So here I am, on this adventure, on my third airplane of the day, after many, many glasses of wine and travel delays, because isn’t that what life is? A series of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series? And don’t you have to live with the consequences, whether positive or negative, depending on your choice? Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. And yesterday I made the decision to not look at this upcoming/happening trip as a burden, but rather another adventure on this path of mine. I embrace these next few months, and all they entail. And I have to give my undying gratitude to those who made this happen. I’m actually really fucking excited.


I Promise I Haven’t Been Flaky

I’m going to keep this brief and to the point.

Since mid-March I’ve been dealing with some personal health issues. I’m not used to this shit. I rarely go to the dr’s, I’ve never had surgery, I don’t even keep aspirin on hand. But of course life throws you curve balls and all that, so I’ve been dealing with it as best I can.

I’m not going to bore anyone with the deets, but I will say that what has been happening to me has caused me much mental and physical anguish. Some days have been better than others, and some days keep me in bed, ignoring texts and phone calls. *I apologize if you were someone I’ve ignored; I go inside myself when I’m not feeling well.* 

The health issues I’m going through have also made my moods swing all over the place, but mostly staying steady at “easy annoyance” and “quick to anger”. *Again, I apologize to everyone. Pretty much anyone who’s path I’ve crossed has more likely than not noticed what a bitch I’ve been.*

Lastly, this “condition”, let’s call it, has drained all my great energy I’ve exhibited the last year. I’m always tired. I’m moving slow. I haven’t even really felt like dancing, and if you know me, you know I love to dance.

I’ve canceled more things than I’ve followed through on within the last 2 months, and it makes me feel like a very shitty person. I don’t like having to say “no thank you after all” at the last moment. And as much as I’d love to tell everyone exactly why I can’t go to this, that, and the other thing, it’s really no one’s business. Believe you me, I’ve been punished enough with not physically being able to go to things I’ve been looking forward to attending for months.

In conclusion, it’s almost over. I’d say in another week or so I’ll be back to my balls-to-the-wall self, going to 20 different parties a night, highly functioning off little-to-no sleep, and being my happy, positive, nice self. Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for understanding. And so, I promise I haven’t been flaky.

Side note: the only positive to come from this experience is that I’ve pretty much quit smoking. (Pats self on back.)

Mi Año in Review

As January keeps rolling, and 2017 starts up, I’ve been going over the last year a lot; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Almost everyone I know has been looking forward to the end of the dreaded 2016, and who can blame them?? I think it’s safe to say that we lost more talent and passion in 365 days than we had in at least half a decade, and it really hurt. We also somehow turned our already fragile political system into a 3-ring circus courtesy of one Donald Trump. {Jesus Christ on a bike, really??} Thankfully, I was delirious with a cold during the elections and somehow found it humorous, until of course I felt better and realized the gravity of the American peoples’ situation. So yes, 2016 was definitely a struggle.

My personal 2016 wasn’t the easiest by any stretch, but I do have to say it was one of the best years I’ve ever experienced. Maybe that’s because I was in a new city, hell, a new country. Maybe it was because I’d spent the previous 3 years in a tumultuous relationship that ended in divorce. Maybe it’s because after 6 ½ years of doing the same job, in the same town, with the same people, being part of the same disgusting gossip, I was finally in a place where I could express myself without consequence and feel appreciated as a person.

In the last year, I had so many moments of ‘yes’, it was incredible. As I’ve mentioned before, I helped with TedX talks that the incredibly talented Klaudia Oliver brought to San Miguel. In fact, that happened just over a year ago. From that event, I met many people who I couldn’t imagine my life without. I’m excited to see what this year’s talks have in store for us.

As the year kept going, I was also asked to be the subject of a short film by Gianluca Fellini, a close relative of the iconic Italian director, Federico Fellini. The experience was ethereal, erotic, heady, and sensual. There were four of us that worked on it that day, and it brought us closer in a way I’ve never felt before. Here’s a link to see the incredible, final product.

From there, I began working with an amazing artist in town who opened doors for me with other creatives. While I hadn’t been able to attend the workshop put on by Guillermo Gomez Pena of La Postra Nocha fame {holy hell, check out the site}, an imaginative and thought-provoking performance artist, I was asked to bar tend the event, allowing me the chance to be a small part of the creation. At one point in the evening though, Guillermo asked me to join his creation. I was of course thrilled, and jumped at the chance. {Here’s an image of that moment taken by Estaban Betancort, proprietor of the future Brooklane B & B, opening in San Miguel summer 2017.} The night was so beautiful and so freeing.

Soon after, my fantabulous friend JoAnna made the trek down to visit me. Rather than do the same old thing in San Miguel, we had the opportunity to go to Mexico City with some girlfriends for a weekend of Chopo Tianguis {a punk-rock open market} and city clubs. It was our first time in a hostel {I know, wtf??}, and while our ages ranged from 27-34, we acted like a bunch of teenagers and almost got kicked out/arrested. It was a blast! I was so happy I got to experience the weekend not only with new, strong lady-friends I’d made, but also with a bestie from the States. {Let’s do it again soon, babe!}


Not everything was unicorns and rainbows. In about the middle of the year, there were a few events that could easily go under the ‘fuck that’ file. I lost two very good friends of mine in less than a month of each other. The pain was practically unbearable, but in each situation, I found myself surrounded by people who were ready to drop anything to make sure I was ok. It was a bittersweet experience, knowing that I’d lost two friends, but had in fact gained many more. I know they’d be relieved that I wasn’t alone. Some people retreat into themselves when faced with death; I am terrified of being solo. For me, the silence grows louder, and I’m free to hear ALL my thoughts and dwell on the sadness. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go through that.

Regardless of the support I had, it took me far too long to get back to my old self. For a few months I was very self-destructive and those closest to me (and not that close) were concerned for my well-being. Rather than get in my face and tell me what they felt was right and wrong, they were just there for me, gently letting me know they understood and were ready for me, when I was ready for me. There were many tears of gratitude during the lucid moments I realized that everything would indeed be alright.

*Shudder* What a fucking strange time that was.

Ok, as the year was winding down, I had the pleasure to see two of my favorite people tie the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in Sacramento, CA. {Congratulations again, Aaron and Erika Nunley, the most loving and beautiful couple I’ve ever known!} This was a special experience that I won’t soon forget. And my hair was


Some happy friends of the gorgeous bride

Next in the month of October, I was asked to help produce Spencer Tunick’s shoot during La Calaca, a rip-roaring good time here in San Miguel that celebrates along with Dia de Muertos, and many of its traditions. I had never really done anything like it before, and while it was a challenge, and I most likely messed up here and there, it was nonetheless thrilling. Working with Spencer Tunick was a treat. The man is beyond talented, and never made me feel like an idiot, although I’m sure he had plenty of opportunities. This is one of my favorite images from the shoot taken by the equally talented Cedric, who acted as our behind-the-scenes photographer on that amazing day:

Helping the Models Through the Burs - by Cedric

Helping the Models Through the Burs – by Cedric

This was also my first year to have an official Catrina face painting, and I went all out with my gorgeous cousin Sophia {who I only met for the first time in 2016 as well!!!}. In fact, I’ve met quite a few new relatives in San Miguel that I never even knew about. I’ve felt quite connected, even we don’t see each other all too often. Part of the reason I chose to move to Mexico was to get to know this side of my family better, so that’s a big goal for 2017!

Sophia & Barbara, Love at First Sight

Sophia & Barbara, Love at First Sight

The rest of the year went by and was just as amazing. There was Friendsgiving with the enigmatic Van Dorens, then actual Thanksgiving with them as well. Christmas followed closely and I went to Mexico City to spend it with my dad’s favorite little sister {mi madrina}, and her family. I also met friends of family over the holidays who I can now call my own. 😉 New Year’s Eve was a beautiful night with some of the people I’ve known the longest, and others who I’d just met. The fireworks were stunning, as usual, and my dress was gorgeous. Yes, I complimented myself. Had to be done.

I’m honestly just going to kind blow over the last 2 months of 2016 because there’s just too much to say! I haven’t even had a chance to really talk about all the wonderful friends I made in 2016, and continue to cherish as we go into 2017. Some of them have moved back to where they came from, and some of them I have yet to meet.

I’m ushering in 2017 with hope and love, gratitude and happiness, and the idea that the year is just going to keep getting better and better. It looks a little rough around the edges for me at the moment, as it does for many others, but I know that if we can just let them smooth out, then the end of this year will be one I look back on just as fondly, if not more.



Yet Another Breakthrough

Recently I went back to the States, specifically California, to visit friends and family. I arranged my travel plans way back in December (a fucking lifetime ago by SMA standards) and had been counting down the days. At some point, I’m not sure when, I realized I was no longer counting those days down, and as the BIG day drew nearer, I grew more anxious. I didn’t want to leave, even for a moment. Those who I’ve been in constant contact with know that my life has changed exponentially for the better since I set foot on Mexican soil, and the thought of leaving, even for a few weeks, was giving me heart palpitations. But I did want to see my grandparents, sisters, kids, friends, blah, blah, blah. So I left. I boarded the plane. I spent over an hour waiting for my luggage at immigration. I got in my rental car. And I drove to my grandma’s, a house once so familiar to me, yet now a bit foreign. (Actually, just kidding, I went to my girl’s house first because I needed me some JW time, and it was great.)

Anyways, the apprehension I felt about crossing the border was intense, and it took a lot of my strength to make it as positive of an experience as I could. I had just met new people, here in SMA, that I wanted to keep on meeting, so it was hard for me to focus on ‘the task at hand’. But I put into practice the new person I have been becoming to make it the best experience that I could, and I have to say, I ended up ‘winning’.

The trip was intended to be a 3-week excursion, and by day 2, I had already booked a ticket home (yes, San Miguel is now my home) a week early. That alone helped me to stay in the moments and enjoy the visit. While there, I visited my friends and family. It was an absolute whirlwind, *and if I missed anyone, I’m sorry. I ended up working on a tight ship, and that had nothing to do with you, but it was to save my sanity.*

Of course my trip wasn’t as terrible as I’m making it to sound. I had so many wonderful new experiences and met so many new fantastic people, but some of them were people I would never have met if not for my new life. (Thank you Lady Zen for introducing me to Jim at Loteria; he showed my friend and I a wonderful evening. Plus hugs. 😉 Check out this dining experience if you can; it’s not only delicious, but authentic as well.) In the last few months, Burning Man has become a goal for me, and I met who you’d call a “friend of the family” to solidify plans for what I can only imagine is going to be a life-changing experience. Those two meetings alone were worth the visit.

But wait, there’s more.

For a lot of people (let’s say most people) family isn’t the easiest. I’ve been lucky enough, and cursed enough, to have the best of both worlds. (Or the worst, depending on your interpretation.) Either way, I personally felt that I had multiple breakthroughs with my kin. And then, there were those that weren’t as open to my new way of thinking, and while it was a little hurtful, I knew that not everyone’s ready for this new, silly, hippy-bitch, solidly-named Babs. And after a few days, I realized, “Hey ‘me’, that’s ok”. Beyond my family, there were friends that I was fortunate enough to spend quality time with, and I’m so happy that I did, because let’s be real, when the fuck am I going to make that trip back? Not any time soon, amirite?

Yeah, I’m right. But these friends that I reconnected with, whom I’ve known over the years, they’re incredibly important to me. Each one has a fantastical story of how we met, and that’s why I love them. Whether I met them because of an event, a broken down car, or a relationship, each one is as special as a snowflake. San Diego, I’m really talking to you here. I had one especially magical morning that involved probably 10 too many mimosas, but some of the best-friend energy I could ask for, and I thank each one of you for it. After all, I’m a fucking mermaid. Later, I spent some beautiful moments with other friends who were able to pull me out of my funk that I’d oddly acquired and it was a truly special night. It was honestly the best ending to a trip I wasn’t fully prepared for, that I could wish for. Leaving California ended up being almost bittersweet, which I wasn’t prepared for.

If that weren’t enough, my grandmother, one of THE most important people in my life, called me to send me a very special message. It’s mine to share, with who I choose, but know that it brought tears to my eyes.

All in all, my trip was much needed. As with anything in life, I don’t regret going. And my message is this: are you going to see me again sometime in the near future? If you don’t visit me, then no, you’re not.

Hot Damn, This Town

Well, well, well. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything. Why? Because I’ve been busy loving everything about this town and its people. I’ve been taking Spanish classes to finally learn the language. I’ve been walking the dogs. I’ve been going to the weekly markets with friends. I’ve been relaxing on my roof. I’ve been writing articles and stories. I’ve been rock climbing. I’ve been dancing. I’ve been relaxing. I’ve been inspired.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I was really scared about moving down here. It’s hard for me to meet people, or at least it used to be, and I was leaving behind an amazing group of friends that had become my strongest rocks and my confidants. We spent days and nights together laughing, crying, playing dominoes, dancing, and being generally ridiculous. And I was leaving it behind. I knew it was time for me to leave Idaho, and while I was excited and ready to go, there was also a part of me that was having second thoughts. But you’ll never know what will happen till you take the leap, and leap I did.

As I’ve written about before, turning 34 flipped the switch in my head from, “no thanks” to “hell yes”. That mind set was the driving force for giving me the courage to walk up to people, introduce myself, and get to know them. It was one night at The Restaurant, during La Posada, that was the catalyst for me to overcome my fear and anxiety of meeting new people. I was told that I needed to introduce myself to Klaudia Oliver, a driving force behind many events here in town that are gaining more traction every year. It just so happened I ended up sitting right next to her later in the evening. I took a deep breath, took another sip of my beer, waited for a break in her conversation, and said, “Excuse me, my name’s Barbara. I just moved here and was told I should introduce myself to you.” She beamed her magical smile at me, shook my outstretched hand, and asked me the question all newcomer’s get when they arrive here, “What brings you to San Miguel de Allende?”

*Side note: That night I also met the incredibly adventurous, talented Valen Dawson, blogger extraordinaire of foodtravel, and life.

From that point on, I have been incredibly fortunate enough to be a part of so many wonderful events and gatherings here. Volunteering for TedX San Miguel was one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. Meeting artists, agriculturists, thinkers, and doers was eye-opening. When friends were visiting, it happened to be a weekend full of art exhibitions, flower markets, and dancing away the nights. While in Mexico, I’ve celebrated Australia Day (with my new, much-loved Aussie friends), and participated in a traditional ceremony to bring in the Chinese New Year. Most recently I’ve posed nude for an incredibly talented photographer who has a beautiful vision for his work. I can’t wait to see how his pieces turn out. My writing has been supporting me financially while allowing me to expand on my skills and methods, and explore my own creativity. I’m even in the early stages of starting a project with some friends that will, more than anything, benefit the kids of the city. My mind is constantly going with the amount of inspiration and creativity I’m surrounded by.

While most of the time has been about positive growth for me, I’ve had my bad days as well. It’s to be expected, I think, when a major change happens within (thanks JB, for helping me see the positive aspect). There have been some occasions where I’ve felt completely out of my element with ensuing conversations and other’s life experiences, and while I’ll get tripped up about it for days at a time, struggling to even leave the house, these experiences have also pushed me to look deeper inside myself than I ever have before, and ask myself, “Who do I honestly, truly, want to be?”. It’s a scary question, especially at 34, but it’s an opportunity to face your biggest fears and overcome them.

San Miguel, in all its glory and beauty, has been the answer to a question I didn’t even realize I had been asking.

I’ve Been Here for Almost 1 Month

Where did the time go?! I can’t believe on January 1, 2016 I will have lived in San Miguel de Allende, GTO for exactly 1 month. And what a month it’s been!

I’m still looking for my forever-home and am keeping my fingers crossed that I find something by next week. It will require hoofing it around town, learning about all the neighborhoods, or Barios as we say down here, and putting the good word out there.

Hear me now people: Necesito encontrar un hogar! So let me know if you hear anything. 🙂


I have met amazing people here. Everyone who has moved here, from wherever in the world they came from, are here for a reason. Whether it’s a need for more personal mental clarity, a desire to change the world, or just a wish for a change of scenery, each one of these folks offers a unique perspective on life. I am now friends with people from Australia, Texas, Georgia, and of course, Mexico. Each one has welcomed me with open arms and I learn something new from them whenever I spend time with them. Living in San Miguel is all about helping each other, and I’ve been on the receiving end of it more than once already. It’s fantastic!

I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone as far as approaching people goes as well. I’m not what I would call shy, but I’m also not a typically outgoing person. While I still wouldn’t describe myself as an extrovert, I have definitely learned to reach outwards rather than turn inwards, and the outcome has been astounding.

There’s been the very special lady in my life who is THE driving force behind community togetherness. I am hoping to work with her on her drive to build the Klaudia Empire as time goes on.

I’ve even met a new cousin who’s path I should’ve crossed years ago! I can’t wait to finally hang out with her some more and compare stories about our abuelas. Soon Fer!

I now know not one, but two! fantastic Australians who are incredibly intelligent and driven. It’s a joy and inspiration to call them amigos and I hope to siphon an ounce of their brilliance into my brain. Movie night soon Jake, and don’t forget, Mercado de Lunes next week Dave!

Then there’s the Freaker. (We told you, did we not?! This is how you will be referred to from now on, in my blog at least) An excellent skeptic who is here for however long, kicking ass and taking names.

Of course I have my family here as well. I’ve only seen a few of them, but am looking forward to visiting them whenever I can and want. Te quiero mucho!

There have been long nights full of amazing conversation about everything from music, to mystical shaman experiences, to other travels. And Sweater Dog puppies! The energy in this city is electric and makes me want to reach higher in life for myself than I ever have.

I of course have my moments of doubt. Thoughts like, “what will they think of me when they realize I’m not as great as they think I am right now?” run through my head, but they always have. I have to not let myself go down that rabbit hole. But that also means following through and saying ‘yes’ where I might normally say ‘no’. It’s a tricky experience for me, but a necessary one.

I can’t wait to see where next month takes me. I can’t wait to visit other places in this beautiful country. I can’t wait to see what positive impact I can make on people around me. And I certainly can’t wait to have friends and family come visit me!

Feliz año nuevo y Tienes una noche muy divertida!!


How Much Do I Love It Here?

Let me tell you. I love it soooooo much. (Sorry Vinny!) I thought I would definitely be nervous at least the first few days here, but it’s as though I landed where I belong. Lucky fucking me, right?!

From day one, things have felt normal, and that’s what I need/want. I don’t need more stress and uncertainty. That was super great and all, but I’m ready to be settled for a bit. Sure I still need to find an actual place to live, but my room at the cousin’s is plenty for now. Isadorah, bless that damn dog’s heart, has been such a trooper this entire time, and I think she’s finally feeling comfortable (minus the fireworks, of course).


You see that beast lying in the sun? This is the same dog who would follow me all over our home in Idaho for no reason. Now? Now you can either find her sunbathing, like this, or following Valentina around, probably hoping for some food, or snuggled in a pile of pillows. Please see below.


I barely get a glance from her when I move around, and hey, that’s ok. She deserves to be chill. I deserve for her to be chill. She’s still my snuggle buddy at night and city explorer companion by day. So yeah, she’s absolutely loving it!

In the past when I’ve come to visit, it was always a shopping trip. Jamina and I have had our favorite shops for years that we revisit each time, trying to get as much as possible for the trip back to the States. I’m not doing that now, which surprises me. “Sure,” you might say, “you live there now, and don’t yet have your own place. What would you be shopping for??” Trust me, I’d find a reason. It just feels different knowing that I’m here for always now. I’m no longer looking at the beautiful stores that cater to las touristas, I’m now looking for the little hole-in-the-wall shops off the beaten path so I can get a great deal. My Spanish class, por ejemplo, is on the other side of the town in what I’d lightly call the less touristy area. There’s a tortilla shop right there, and this morning it smelled delicious. They cook fresh corn tortillas in front of a big window so we can all ogle. The smell, holy shit, amazing! Tomorrow I’ll take a picture when I pick up a cheap package for the house.

Yesterday, instead of shopping at all, Isadorah and I camped at an outdoor cafe in the Jardin for a couple hours while I did some work. It was fantastic. The people watching was great for me, the dog watching pretty good for Isadorah. I wasn’t in any rush to be anywhere. The weather was perfect. Bonus: I got a lot done! Yay me! We then ventured to find a shop that sells vitamins, but I still didn’t have a phone with maps that I could use so it was a half-assed attempt. Besides, it was fun to just explore a different side of the town I had never seen. It was beautiful!!


I can’t wait till I get more pictures. These are kind of shit, but the gist hopefully comes across.

My cousin and I rounded out the day with a girl’s night out in town. It was so wonderful. There were ten of us, and they were mostly Americans, around my age. One of them is actually a cousin I had never met! Haha!! Go figure. Anyways, they were all so great and have each been living here for different amounts of time, for different reasons. The one thing they all have in common is how much they love living here. I was so, so happy to hear that! Reassurance is always nice. We eventually parted ways, my heart light with new friends (hopefully!) and plans for this weekend.


I couldn't decide what to wear

Life goes on, I get it, but it’s going on down here. It’s nuts man. There are definitely people I’m missing across the border. I love you guys. Now come visit me.

So Far Mi Vida en Mexico

I’m on day 3 of my new life, and it’s been AMAZING! I mean, I haven’t done much more than unpack and get settled into my cousin’s place until I find my own, but it’s the reality of the situation that makes it great.

*Oh, full disclosure, I didn’t actually fly out until Friday the 4th. Had to get all of Isadorah’s paperwork finalized and they only give you a 5 day window.

Day 1
Saturday was actual day 1. I woke up in my own room (thank you again primos!!) which is beautiful. The French doors open out to the garden. Isadorah definitely doesn’t hate it, and nor do I for that matter. My sweet niece Valentina, who is ecstatic to have “her own” dog, came in to make sure Isadorah and I were waking up alright.


Yeah, this is my room for now.

After a shower and finding some clothes, Alex, the kids, pup, and I headed out to the mercado that was just a block or two away. It was a beautiful day, easily in the low 70s. The mercado was kind of hidden. We had to walk up and around off the main road, where it opened up to music, food, and goods for sale. There were tons of older Americans, which is par for the course down here. To the right was a row of stalls featuring beautiful, fresh food, farmer’s market style, for sale. On the left, there were tables provided to sit down to eat whatever delicious, freshly made dish you wanted.

It was beautiful. Everything was colorful, and the scent wafting through the air was making my stomach growl. There was a mix of English and Spanish being spoken all around me, and the characters behind the voices were amazing. Picture Fear and Loathing at 70 years old.

It was also hectic with extremely loud music coming from a nearby speaker. Isadorah was going nuts trying to smell everything she could, but also not really liking the loud music. At one point started shaking uncontrollably. I was able to finally calm her down and eventually Alex returned with the most delicious looking food I had seen. Fresh made corn tortillas were topped with braised rabbit and cactus. I’m getting hungry thinking about it, and sorry, no pics. I ate it immediately. Anyways, I went to get us aqua frescas to complement our meal and took the dog with me. She did NOT want to go over there, and I finally saw why. There was a quarter-sized hole with the biggest red ants coming in and out. Poor thing must’ve been bitten earlier, and it must’ve hurt like the dickens.

Moving forward. After we ate we looked around. We had grocery shopping to do, after all. We stopped at the stall where they sold all kind of bread, a stall for fresh fish, handmade cheeses, and of course fresh veggies. There were also vendors selling beautiful housewares and accessories. With Christmas coming up there were a lot of decorations as well. We didn’t get to enjoy the market for that long as the dog and the kids had had about enough.


The rest of the day I worked on some writing jobs and unpacked my stuff.

Day 2
Sunday was a fantastic day. We all went to another cousin’s house for “dinner”. Dinner here in Mexico is around 3 p.m. It’s a really large, time taking meal you hopefully have with friends and family. It was a couple cousins and a couple friends. There were kids running all over the place (I can’t believe we’re the adults now!), a fire going, games being played – it was so nice. Fortunately for me, that’s a pretty regular occurrence so I’ll get to do that again! And that’s all I’m going to say about that. There’ll be plenty of stories with the fam!


Day 3
Today I decided to venture out solo. I finished up a writing assignment, leashed up the beast, and hit the pavement. This city is gorgeous, and I’ve always thought so. There are so many streets, and side streets, it’s easy to get kind of turned around. Isadorah and I kept our wits about us though, and we just had a leisurely stroll up to the square. We stopped at an art supply store first where I picked up some pens. I’m excited to start using them! It was on this corner:


Isn’t this pretty?? Next up was the square where we heard an amazing violinist playing for tips. I put that up on the Instragram so take a quick listen there.

Christmas is getting into full swing as proven by the big ass tree they had decorated and on display. It’s so pretty, but I still can’t wrap my head around the holidays.


Isadorah and I kept it brief and short today since we’ll have plenty of time to adventure around. Back at the house I made arrangements to start private Spanish classes. Yes, private. They’re like $10 each and desperate times call for desperate measures, and I’m desperate to learn Spanish. I start Wednesday and am so excited. I’ve already rekindled quite a bit what has been buried in my subconscious.

Alex and I also attempted to take care of getting me a phone so I can at least use maps when out and about, but we needed a couple more forms, so, tomorrow!

Last but not least, I partook in an activity that really makes someone a new resident: grocery shopping. There are many, many food stands in town to shop from, and I plan on getting to know each of them, but sometimes you also need hangers, nail clippers, and other stuff. That’s when you go to the “normal” store. It was exactly what one would expect from a grocery store.

And that’s really all at this point. I know, I know. It’s not very exciting! But it’s exciting to me to be living here and just doing day-to-day stuff. I will get out there more, in the city, and learn my way around. I’ll learn the best coffee shops, freshest herbs, most unique artwork, I promise! Give me a little time. I’ll keep everyone updated. 😉

Muchas Gracias

I know, I know. Thanksgiving’s over, but I’m still feeling that thankfulness.


This last month has been such a series of events, almost all fantastic, and definitely all unforgettable. People from all corners of my personal universe have reached out to me for well-wishes and words of encouragement and support. I can’t express how loved I’ve felt, and how grateful I have been for that feeling.

I’ve always been up for whatever in my life, knowing that there is some kind of reason for an event that happens, whether extremely great, or terribly awful, but goddam if I wasn’t the angriest I’d been in a long time. I also had a really bad fuck-it attitude and took to drinking and smoking a lot more than what’s acceptable by even my standards. It has taken me these last 30+ days to realize that there was indeed a purpose for the accident. Trust me, I still can’t believe it happened and it’s going to take a while yet to fully get over it, but I’m not angry at “it” any longer.

Not only have I met new people and had some of the most fun in my life, I have also been able to take this time and opportunity to better myself inside and out. I’ve already started freelance writing and have had paying jobs. I’m learning to change my perspective on what a clean house is, and isn’t. Don’t laugh, if you’ve ever been to my house or seen the inside of my car, you know this is a serious thing for me. I feel I’ve learned to have more patience with those closest to me, when it’s really easy to lash out on them when I’m in a bad mood. I’ve expanded and improved my relationships with almost everyone, which I know wouldn’t have happened if I had been gone. My sister has this little saying about me, that I “have a talent for making the easiest things way harder than they actually are” and she’s been helping me with that. Thanks sis!

I guess I’m learning how to be a grown up, but in all the right ways.

Thanks, you guys! 😉

It’s the Final Countdown!

Ay yai yai! In 2 1/2 days I’ll be boarding a plane to a city I am in love with and know intimately. By living there, I will be privy to seeing it anew, with fresh eyes, and become part of its daily life. I just can’t believe the time has come (again),to embark on this new part of my life. It was hard for me to leave Idaho, and it’s going to be just as hard for me to leave California, especially when you have friends who literally want to kidnap you.

But look at how gorgeous this city is!!!! Yeah, it’s all gonna be ok. Come visit!


Look at it dammit!!!